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Cashmere fibres are 5-6 times thinner than a human hair. Thinner fibres are softer.

Cashmere goats are not ordinary goats

The secret of sought after cashmere fiber lies in the undercoat. In the winter the goats grow a fine, dense, downy undercoat to protect them from the harsh cold. During spring time hair from their undercoat is hand-combed by herders.

Why cashmere is so exclusive

It takes a lot of hard work right from sheering the goats to separating and sorting each hair strands individually by hand. Traditionally the spinning and weaving is done by families and all by hand, the women spin and the men weave. 

Wool from 4 goats to make 1 sweater

It takes wool from 4 goats to make a sweater. They only shed their coats once a year. Cashmere Goats are herd animals and don´t like being alone

You´ll never regret buying a cashmere sweater

It is super soft, and crafted to last a lifetime. You´ll want to wear it everyday. 


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