The Cashmere Crew Grey

1.500 DKK

  • Product Description

      This could probably be the best sweater you ever owned.
      The cashmere crew sweater is made of the finest and longest cashmere fibres from Inner Mongolia. It is ultra soft and warm.
      • - Normal relaxed fit.
      • - Handknitted at the shoulders for best comfort
      • - With nice soft rib 
      • - Made of 36-40 mm long fibres.
      • - 100% Cashmere   

      • Gently hand-combed cashmere from goats living in the Gobi desert. Combing by hand means that the longer, soft hairs are collected. That way your sweater is made to last and become softer with wearing.

      • Made in Inner Mongolia to keep it sustainable

      • That´s how we like it !

      Care instructions:

      • Dry clean

      • Hand wash cold

      • Lay flat to dry



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